Vertical Takeoff and Landing
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UAV Avenger is a multifunctional vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle that has no analogs in terms of price, weight, range, manufacturing simplicity, maintenance cost, payload, fuel diversity, fuel quality and low fuel consumption.

New Era of Warfare

The World is not a safe place. In the context of the full-scale Russian war against its peaceful neighbor, Ukraine, it is important to quickly adapt to the realities of the warfare in the 21st century. Production and use of a large number of low-cost, long-range UAVs, especially reconnaissance drones, loitering munition, or kamikaze drones, is absolutely essential. This can only be done if an easy-to-manufacture propulsion system is used. It is also crucial to have the propulsion system with low fuel consumption, that is insensitive to fuel quality and the types of fuel used, be it gasoline, kerosene or diesel fuel.

We heard the demand. 

Avenger is a multifunctional vertical takeoff and landing UAV, that can be successfully and cost-effectively used as reconnaissance drone, loitering munition (kamikaze drone). The UAV has no analogs in terms of price, weight, flight characteristics, range, payload, manufacturing simplicity, maintenance cost, low fuel consumption and fuel diversity.
UAV Avenger is based on the proprietary technology, Integrated Propulsion System (IPS).
  1. IPS diameter is 1500 mm, rotational speed 4000 rpm. 
  2. Combine power produced by two IPS at vertical takeoff - 150 kW or 200 hp. Kerosene consumption at takeoff - 0.006 kg/s or 0.36 kg/min. 
  3. Combine power in horizontal flight - 30 kW or 40 hp. Kerosene consumption 0.0012 kg/s or 4.32 kg/hour or 103.62 kg/24h. 
  4. Dry Operating Weight (DOW) of the UAV is 250 kg (550 lbs), Operating Weight with Fuel (OWF) is 350 kg (770 lbs), Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTW) is 400 kg (880 lbs), including 50 kg (110 lbs) of munition. 
  5. UAV type - tiltrotor. The UAV is about 6 m (18 ft) long, with a wingspan of about 8 m (24 ft.)
  6. Max horizontal speed 300 km/h (180 mph), cruise speed 130 km/h (80 mph), ceiling 8,000 m (24,000 ft), round trip range 3000 km (1890 miles), airborne time 24 hours.