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Unique Ideas And Solutions

Alternate Dimension Science and Technology LLC is an innovation powerhouse in the area of space exploration, defense technologies, renewable energy, energy storage, propulsion devices, nuclear fusion, oil spill remediation, water purification and many others.

Among the inventions are unique space exploration technologies, including advanced rocket fuel oxidizer and constant acceleration electromagnetic propulsion device for space travel.

Earth & Beyond

All of our inventions benefit humanity, help saving Earth from pollution and uncontrollable use of natural resources, develop new renewable energy technologies, reliable and inexpensive energy storage systems.

Our inventions reach far beyond our planet, making deep space exploration a near-future reality. Interplanetary travel, asteroid mining, space colonies and most certainly interstellar travel are in our foreseeable future.

The World is not a safe place. Our national defense requires new technologies. We heard the demand, we designed new defense technologies.