Revolutionary spacetime continuum propulsion device for interplanetary and interstellar travel. Deep space exploration might finally be within our reach.

Patent US-11,724,831-B2

Theory of Spacetime Continuum

✧We assert the Universe is infinite and eternal. The "Big Bang" has never happened and most certainly did not create the Universe.

✧Spacetime Continuum, a.k.a. dark matter / dark energy, with viscoelastic properties, distributed mass and variable density permeates the entire Universe and makes up about 96% of its mass and energy. All the galaxies, stars, planets and all other baryonic matter make up just about 4 percent of the Universe.

✧The last but not least, Einstein's Theory of Relativity is not the ultimate truth, it is just one of the theories.

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Trip to Mars in just a few days at a comfortable 1 g acceleration/deceleration. Travel to the edge of our Solar system could last only a few months. Mars Shuttle should become a near-future reality. Even the closest star systems are no longer unreachable. AI-managed spacecraft will most probably pioneer a trip to Centauri System and beyond in not such a distant future. 

Our electromagnetic propulsion device "Astrodrive" utilizes the Spacetime Continuum with viscoelastic properties as its working medium.

Deep Space travel requires a sufficient, long-lasting power source. Direct Energy Conversion Open-Architecture Nuclear Reactor, currently under development by our team is one of the possible answers.

Our technological innovation will take humanity to the stars.