-112°F (-80°C) to 248°F (120°C)

3140 Wh/kg

Reliable, inexpensive, high-energy density and adaptable power density, low Size, Weight, Power Consumption and Cost (SWaP-C) batteries are essential for space exploration, civil aviation and national defense, as well as for internal and externally carried weaponry and electronic equipment. Energy storage solutions for national security missions must not only provide reliable, energy-dense performance under extreme conditions, but must also be independent from the supply chains originated within the adversary nations.

High Energy Density Advanced Battery for Aircraft and Spacecraft, Voltogen, is based on innovative manganese fluoride electrochemical reactions and new modular, highly scalable and adjustable design. The battery utilizes inexpensive widely available materials, and is characterized by high current density, high volumetric energy density, low self-discharge rate, high energy utilization rate, high number of charge/discharge cycles, wide range of operating temperatures, as low as -112°F (-80°C) and as high as 248°F (120°C).

The proposed battery has a real specific energy density of 3140 Wh/kg, 10 times the energy density of the best modern lithium-ion batteries that are already approaching their theoretical limit, and a specific discharge current of at least 500 A/kg.

Battery Specifications:

✧ The cell potential difference: no load - 2.4 V, under load - 2.0 V.
✧ Anode specific capacity: 10,000 Ah/kg.
✧ Cathode specific capacity: 2,000 Ah/kg.
✧ The specific energy content of a real battery (50% active materials, 30% electrolyte, 20% housing + current collectors): 3140 Wh/kg.
✧ Specific current output at discharge: not less than 500 A/kg.
✧ Operating temperatures: -112°F (-80°C) to 248°F (120°C).
✧ Electrolyte: liquid, anhydrous based on MnF2, HF (toxic).
✧ The number of charge-discharge cycles is at least 1000.